5 Reasons Cedalions Will Enjoy the VulcanVerse Foraging Update

Playing, Foraging and Earning with Competition in our Blockchain MMORPG

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4 min readMar 31, 2023

We’re constantly building VulcanVerse, our blockchain MMORPG, listening to the community, adding new features and improving gameplay to make it more engaging. You’ve joined VulcanVerse as a Cedalion, a scholar, maybe individually, maybe as part of a guild. You may not own land, you may not own an NFT Vulcanite (nothing wrong with our eight free to use companion Vulcanites!) but you travel the ‘Verse, visiting landmarks, you battle, your Vulcanite forages and you earn valuable XP and $LAVA. But wait — foraging has changed with the recent update — can you still play? Yes, you can indeed. Let’s look at five key foraging points to excite all Cedalions..

  1. You can upgrade your companion Vulcanite with XP.

Concerned that your valuable Vulcanite companion simply can’t fight, spy or forage very well? Why not upgrade their stats with some of your earned XP, making them a much more effective sidekick in locating some top loot.

To do this, log into My Forge and click on “My Profile”. Click on your companion Vulcanite and then look for the “Give XP” option at the bottom.

2. You can hit the rental market and rent NFT Vulcanites allowing you to take on hoarder plots..

You’ve got your companion Vulcanite — but you look at the Vulcanite slots and there are three — what do you do, avoid hoarder plots? Well not necessarily. Take a look at the Cedalion marketplace and rent Vulcanites! The cost can vary, from free (this is almost always a perk of belonging to a guild / faction) to a small cost. Choose what’s right for you.

To do this, go to My Forge and click the Marketplace link at the top. Highlight that, come down to “Cedalion” and click “Explore”. Here, you can set the filter to Vulcanites and rent one out that meets your needs.

Remember, if you do rent a Vulcanite, you can use that same Vulcanite in our games Berserk and Forge Arena to earn XP and of course, $LAVA if you’ve hit the required XP amount.

3. No more clicking on crystals

The crystals that you would need to click on to initiate foraging are now gone, allowing a simple press of button ‘2’ on your keyboard to start a forage in the plot you are standing in. But — consider spying on the plot first, plots have different rarity levels and some may be desolate — or out of materials.

4. New foraging system encourages exploration and occasionally collaboration between friendly players and guilds

Information on good foraging locations can be passed to guild and faction leads, who can then share this information with all guild leaders. Remember, loot refreshes after 18 hours and plots can become desolate, so be quick!

Lox’s Lost Shade — always preening for the camera

5. New materials and 18 hour refresh

Can’t find undefended plots with good loot? Too many desolate plots? No worries. The quadrant loot table is refreshed every 18 hours, switching everything around. The foraging update has also brought new materials such as limestone, quartz, walnut wood, silk, wool and lapis. What can you do with these materials? You’ll have to wait and see.

Walnut wood, quartz and silk in a player’s inventory

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With foraging, spying and defending radius, plot claiming and many other mechanics, VulcanVerse’s new foraging update (stage 1, there’s more to come) is a real game changer.

See you in the ‘Verse!

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The native token used within our ecosystem is $PYR, the secondary token $LAVA acts as a play-to-earn token. This dual token economy structure is ideal for blockchain gaming. Scholars or Cedalions are able to earn $LAVA while playing Vulcan Studios games and special NFTs can be earned while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.

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