AMA Highlights #03: Full Ecosystem Update

Check in with our CEO, Jamie Thomson, for an update on the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem!

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6 min readMar 17, 2023

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem is bigger and more powerful than ever. We’ve expanded our team and our portfolio of products to include Elysium, MetaScapes, Vulcan Studios (with all our games) and more.

With so many moving pieces, sometimes it’s hard to keep our community fully up to date about everything that’s going on behind the scenes here at Vulcan Forged (although we try our best!).

Recently, our CEO Jamie took the opportunity to sit down in front of the camera and run through a lot of the work that’s been done by our team, and what’s yet to come.

If you’d like to watch the recording in its entirety, you can do so here:

Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy our written version of the Full Ecosystem Update!

Business Updates (Vulcan Forged)

Admin Improvements

  • Over the past few months, we’ve brought some new tools and processes into place. This includes a complete migration to Slack for collaboration and communication efficiency amongst our teams.
  • We’ve also just migrated from Microsoft Teams to Google Workspace and are utilizing new project management tools to coordinate more regularly.
  • We are growing as an organization too — keep an eye on LinkedIn for our open roles!

Product & Processes

  • We’ve put a new process in place across our titles to reference features and projects, scope and rate them before getting devs to work on it. Our matrix is based on a mix of factors including user acquisition, engagement, monetization, strategic growth. This means that we’re building a solid roadmap with realistic expectations and increased accountability.
  • We are working on making a roadmap (in timeline format) available for the community. There are a lot of moving parts and we want to make it right but realistically, we should have something to share by the end of this month.

Vulcan Forged (Ecosystem)

Currently on radar:

  • Reviewing our whitepaper. A new whitepaper is to be released including details on our tokens and the circulating supply. This includes how $LAVA is going to be released bearing in mind the mechanisms coming in such as the Frenzy Pass.
  • Addressing how to bring our moderators closer to what is happening at the moment.
  • Carefully reviewing a strategy for our loyal community members. This includes OGs, Philosophers, and also newcomers!


  • Refactoring Phase 1 went really well. It feels like nothing has happened but A LOT has happened in the background.
  • We are now full steam ahead on the subsequent phases!
  • Our new Foraging System has been projected to go live at the end of March, if progress & testing goes smoothly.


  • At the time of this YouTube Live, Season 3 of Berserk was imminently about to launch. It is now live! There’s over $50,000 worth of prizes at stake, so brush up on your best decks and get some games in to earn your rewards.

Portfolio Games

Tower Defense

  • Some important updates have gone out in the past few months including guest logins, basic tutorials and infinite levels.

Right now, we are working on:

  • Data analytics APIs. This will help get a better understanding of our games and supercharge our growth!
  • Each quadrant has a new map under design.

Vulcan Runner

  • Vulcan Runner also recently had guest logins and basic tutorials added to the game. We still need to review the roadmap for upcoming features and add them to our public timelines.
  • Our next Game of the Week event is starting on the 20th and will be fully focused on Vulcan Runner!

Right now, we are working on:

  • Control feedback, email ID & menu for mobile are currently in the works from our dev team, which have been requested by the community.
  • Revamped Main Menu screen design for the mobile version.


  • We’re looking at Tartarus with fresh eyes and will be reviewing the roadmap for upcoming features.

Right now, we are working on:

  • Bug fixes related to PlayFab (our backend platform) and game functionalities.
  • Level designs, such as creating a new Zone’s environment.

Vulcan’s Creed

  • A brand new landing page and trailer are in the works for a formal game launch. We are aiming for the end of March to officially announce this.
  • Independently, Vulcan’s Creed is currently being picked up organically and reviewed by players online who know nothing about Vulcan Forged!

Our team is currently refining:

  • Easy/Med/Hard Modes.
  • The leaderboard.
  • A tutorial.

Block Babies

  • Right now, we are working on security updates. We take our players’ safety very seriously.

Vulcan Chess

  • Like Block Babies, we are working on security updates here as well. The overall goal is to make the ecosystem safer.

Forge Arena

  • Forge Arena is not a priority at the moment, but we intend for it to be one of the games we return to once our main priority games are in a state we’re happy with.


  • HeXenagos is being led by our very own Night Angel & Day Devil!
  • The PTR version (giving XPand MMR) is hidden on the latest Vulcan launcher. The code to unhide it is currently given out by the project leads. You can ask them in the #hexeganos channel in our Discord for PTR access!
  • The Open Public Beta Release (which will be fully free to play) is currently planned to be at the end of next week, before GDC San Francisco week on the 20th of March.

There’s exciting news planned for this week:

  • Website
  • Roadmap
  • Released units reveal

Vulcan Eleven

  • We’re currently working on the rebranding from Defi11, and we’re not far off from having something to share with you on this soon.

Vulcan Fight League

  • We acquired an existing MMA game, formerly known as Galactic Fight League, which is set to become Vulcan Fight League.
  • A lot of this will come together during VulCon3. We have already lined up the following fighters for a panel talk at the event: Mighty Mouse, Ryan Hall, and Brandon McCaghren (who was most recently revealed).


  • Elysium is one of our highest priority projects. There are a lot of moving parts for Elysium, and we want to get it right.
  • As a more minor update: we are creating landing pages for our partners. VendettaDAO has been created first and the rest will follow.
  • Our $LAVA Airdrop as part of the Elysium transition was executed on March 6th. An exciting milestone for the platform!


  • VendettaDAO is hosting their entire ecosystem on Elysium.
  • We also recently announced that MyPharmaVerse are coming to Elysium, where you can get your DNA tested in NFT form.
  • Huslverse are currently moving their NFTs to Elysium, and Edverse is also still coming.
  • A major exchange is integrating Elysium… but we’ll have more specific details to share in due time.


  • At the moment, we are creating the cartoon concept and this week (hopefully) we’ll close the deal with the art studio. We are also very close to hiring an animator for Metascapes.
  • Jamie is working on an overall Game Design Document (GDD) for MetaScapes so that we can laser focus on what’s next.
  • A trailer snippet was played during the livestream itself, go check out the recording at the start of this article to see it for yourself!

There you have it, mortals! An update across the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem. We have ambitious goals, and with our new processes in place, we’ve never been more confident to shake up the blockchain gaming landscape.

Follow along with us on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates!



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