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Ever dreamed of owning a piece of a virtual world and earning from it? VulcanVerse, built on the secure and powerful Elysium blockchain, makes that dream a reality. It’s a captivating play-to-earn game where you can own land, build structures, battle creatures, and forge alliances with other players. As a VulcanVerse landowner, you’re constantly striving to improve your plot and maximize your earnings.

Well, get ready to take your VulcanVerse experience to the next level with the arrival of Level 5 staking! This exciting update unlocks a wealth of benefits designed to supercharge your play-to-earn journey.

Built on Unity and leveraging the secure and scalable Elysium network, this update brings a ton of benefits to supercharge your play-to-earn experience.

This article is your one-stop guide to Level 5 staking, from maximizing rewards to unlocking exclusive gameplay features.

Fast-Track Your Rewards

Starting on July 16th, 2024 at 1:00 PM UTC, celebrate Level 5 staking with a special 20% discount on sowing costs for the first 48 hours! Don’t miss this chance to upgrade your land and start reaping those rewards faster on the Elysium blockchain.

Untethered Staking: Level Up Your Land Freely

We heard you loud and clear! Similar to Level 4, Level 5 staking on Elysium offers more freedom. Upgrade your land independent of your avatar level. Start earning rewards on your VulcanVerse land even if your avatar isn’t quite there yet.

Maximize Rewards: Matching Levels, Bigger Boosts

Staking is open to everyone, but there’s a clear advantage to matching your avatar level to your land level. Landowners with a perfect avatar < > land match receive 100% of the staking rewards. But don’t sweat it! Staking with a lower-level avatar still gets you 50% of the rewards, with the remaining 50% distributed among matching landowners.

Level Up for Enhanced Gameplay and Rewards

Upgrading your avatar or land to Level 5 unlocks a treasure trove of benefits beyond just rewards. Here’s what awaits you in the Elysium-powered VulcanVerse:

  • Command the Battlefield: Unleash the unique abilities of all-new Level 5 Vulcanites.
  • Express Yourself: Look forward to exclusive Level 5 clothing coming soon!
  • Upgrade Your Builts: Gain access to exclusive building assets with Level 5 upgrades.

Preparing Your Land for Level 5 Staking

To unlock the potential of Level 5 staking on Elysium, your land will require:

  • 270 Market PYR
  • 30 PYR Equivalent in Cold LAVA

As per above, please note there will be discounted pricing (20% off) available for 48 hours | 216 Market PYR & 24 PYR Equivalent in Cold LAVA

Owning God NFTs can further expedite your sowing! Refer to previous articles for details on how these divine possessions accelerate your progress within the Elysium network.

Download VulcanVerse on PC

With Level 5 staking on the horizon, VulcanVerse is poised to propel your play-to-earn experience to new heights. The future of VulcanVerse is bright, offering exciting gameplay features, exclusive rewards, and a thriving community. Don’t miss out on this chance to become a part of the VulcanVerse revolution. Download VulcanVerse today and claim your piece of the virtual frontier! Download VulcanVerse Now! (https://vulcan-game-launcher.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Vulcan+Forged+DApps.exe)

Download VulcanVerse on PC for Free

Join the Thriving VulcanVerse Community

Level 5 staking marks a significant leap forward for VulcanVerse, powered by the robust Elysium blockchain. With its accessibility, increased rewards, and exciting gameplay enhancements, it’s the perfect time to join the thriving VulcanVerse community. Get ready to level up your rewards and unlock the full potential of your land!



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