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4 min readMar 25, 2024

The Elysium blockchain is proud to announce the launch of the Elysium Forges, a robust staking system designed to incentivize users through PYR staking. Participate in the Elysium ecosystem and be rewarded for your loyalty!

Farewell LAVA Gems, Hello Sustainable PYR Staking Rewards

If you’ve been part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem for a bit, you would know about the LAVA Gem program (TL;DR: you were being rewarded LAVA for holding PYR).

The LAVA Gem program served its purpose well, but as the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and Elysium continues to evolve, we’re committed to providing a more secure and long-lasting solution for users who stake PYR. Enter the Elysium Forges, your gateway to earning lucrative LAVA rewards through PYR staking.

Introducing the Elysium Forges: Effortless PYR Staking, Rewarding Results

Available via the Elysium CloudWallet dApp, The Elysium Forges offer a user-friendly experience for staking PYR.

Simply connect your MetaMask wallet to the Elysium CloudWallet and start staking any amount of PYR. Choose your staking tier and lockup period to tailor your LAVA earnings strategy. The longer you commit your PYR through staking, the greater your rewards will be. Six tiers await, offering progressive increases in rewards based on your staked PYR amount and chosen lockup duration.

Maximize Your LAVA Earnings with PYR Staking Boosters

For dedicated Vulcan Forged users, specific NFTs act as potent boosters, maximizing the output of your PYR staking in the Elysium Forges. Consider acquiring these NFTs on Agora Marketplace, the official Elysium Marketplace, to supercharge your LAVA rewards:

  • God NFTs or Titan God NFTs: Elevate your base LAVA rewards earned through PYR staking.
  • Vulcanite NFTs: Strategically stack these NFTs to unlock even more LAVA when staking PYR.
  • OG Badge NFTs: A token of appreciation for your loyalty, granting an additional layer of rewards on top of your PYR staking returns.

Don’t waste time, head over to the Agora Marketplace, the official Elysium NFT marketplace, to acquire these PYR staking booster NFTs.

How to start Staking PYR Today!

Here’s how to get started with PYR staking on the Elysium Forges and make the most of the Vulcan Forged and Elysium ecosystem:

  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet: You should be prompted to switch to the Elysium MainNet.
  3. Important Note: You can only stake PYR on the Elysium network. If you purchased PYR on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) like Binance or Coinbase, you’ll need to bridge them to the Elysium network first ( | PLEASE KEEP SAFE, ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK THE OFFICIAL ELYSIUM BRIDGE WEBSITE FROM DISCORD OR TWITTER AND BOOKMARK IT
  4. Navigate to Elysium Forges: Once connected, locate the “Elysium Forges” section within the Elysium CloudWallet.
  5. Choose Your Stake: Decide how much PYR you’d like to stake.
  6. Select Your Lockup Period: The longer you commit your PYR, the greater your LAVA earnings will be. Choose a lockup term that aligns with your rewards strategy.
  7. Maximize Your Rewards (Optional): While connected, your MetaMask wallet will be automatically scanned for compatible booster NFTs (God NFTs, Vulcanite NFTs, or OG Badge NFTs). These can further amplify your LAVA rewards.
  8. Stake and Earn: Once you’ve selected your stake amount, lockup period, and any applicable boosters, click “STAKE” and confirm the prompts on your MetaMask wallet. You’ll then be able to see your active stake details on the Elysium Forges page.

Check the video below for a step-by-step view of how to stake PYR on the Elysium CloudWallet

A World of Opportunity Awaits Beyond PYR Staking

The launch of the Elysium Forges signifies a pivotal moment for Elysium. We’re dedicated to building a sustainable and rewarding experience for our community through PYR staking. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Stake your PYR, empower your holdings, and become an active participant in the future of the Elysium blockchain.

The Elysium Forges are just the beginning. Stay tuned for further announcements on everything related to the Elysium network.

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