Vulcanites 101 — Beastly NFTs

A guide to your in-game companions

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6 min readMar 13, 2021

Vulcanites are the varied beasts that inhabit VulcanVerse. From minotaurs to dryads, demons to sabretooth tigers and mammoths, VulcanVerse’s lore tells the story of these creatures.

Vulcanites have various functions in VulcanVerse — they will do battle for you, find rare and interesting objects and artifacts, practice espionage in the hope of uncovering blueprints for your build and defend your plot from opposing Vulcanites who are attempting to spy on your plots.

They can also be used in other Vulcan Forged ecosystem games and dApps, such as Forge Arena and Berserk.

In VulcanVerse, your Vulcanite will be your companion and will follow you, unless you tell them not to.

How do I obtain a Vulcanite?

Vulcanites can be purchased or traded for at — on occasion, they can also be won through competitions or quizzes hosted on the Vulcan Forged social media accounts, such as Discord or Telegram (tip — join or follow them all!). Vulcanites are NFTs, so you will need a MyForge wallet to store them.

Vulcanites vary in rarity, from the 500 editions of a level 1 Hades Wolfshadow to the ultra-rare 50 editions Boreas Asterion

This rarity has made the demand for high-level low-edition Vulcanites on the marketplace soar with a Level 6 Numatox (50 editions) selling for a whopping 195.000 $VET, a current dollar value of $13.650

There are many Vulcanites — which should I choose?

There are a few things to take into consideration. Do you have land in VulcanVerse? If so, it would benefit you to obtain a Vulcanite from that same quadrant. If you are just starting out, your land will be at level 1. You can only use a Vulcanite that matches the level of your land, or has a level below that of your land. You can use your Vulcanite even if it’s from a different quadrant — for example you can use Wolfshadow, a level 1 Hades Vulcanite on any level 1 or above land; it doesn’t need to be Hades land.

Bear in mind that Vulcanites are also used in Forge Arena and Berserk — in these instances, any Vulcanite will be able to be used.

Forge Arena

I have a high-level Vulcanite — can I use this straight away?

As you level up your Avatar, you will be able to use any Vulcanite of the same level as your Avatar, depending on the quadrant your Avatar is based in, it will be more or less efficient at carrying out its actions (as you travel around foraging, fighting or spying)

Example of different level Hades vulcanites

You will always be able to use this Vulcanite in other Vulcan Forged games and dApps without any restrictions.

What do Vulcanites do in VulcanVerse?

In almost all situations, Vulcanites can perform the same core tasks, though the ability of each Vulcanite varies. Vulcanites have stats for each of these tasks. In VulcanVerse, Vulcanite tasks are as below.

Battle — if in battle mode, your Vulcanite can fight other players’ Vulcanites. This will earn you Lava — more if you win, but still a little if you lose.

Each Vulcanite has an attack statistic, determining how well they will fare in a battle.

Forage — send your Vulcanite out foraging. Distance traveled to a foraging spot can be limited depending on both the level of your Vulcanite and their individual foraging stat, as can the time it takes to forage and the likelihood of finding a rarer item. Items can include PYR pits and NFT items.

Arcadian Alpha Vulcanite foraging at night

Espionage — your Vulcanite can spy on plots owned by other players with the hope of retrieving a blueprint for a new item or asset for you to use in your build. If a plot is defended by a Vulcanite, this task can be made more difficult, but again, each Vulcanite has an espionage stat that dictates how well they can spy.

Defend — other landowners will send their Vulcanites out to spy too. They could come to your plots to take blueprints for assets that you have worked to obtain. The way to stop them? Set a Vulcanite to defend your plot. Each Vulcanite can defend one single plot.

For each of the above, it’s often a benefit to check and be aware of the stats for each Vulcanite — as if you have more than one Vulcanite you’ll want to ensure you have the best Vulcanite for the job at hand. Vulcanite stats rise with level — a level 3 Vulcanite will generally have better stats than a level 1 Vulcanite, though there are some exceptions to this rule. Each Vulcanite, when new, comes with base stats. These stats can be leveled up to a pre-defined maximum.

Some Vulcanites have special abilities — for example, higher-level Vulcanites can even carry your VulcanVerse avatar!

Level 6 Numatox from the desert of Notus & Level 5 Kopis from the mountains of Boreas

How do I level up my Vulcanite’s stats?

A Vulcanite’s stats can be leveled up through XP and LAVA. XP can be obtained in a number of ways. This includes using your Vulcanite — battling, foraging etc, as well as making use of them throughout the Vulcan Forged eco-system, in Forge Arena and Berserk.

Click on your Vulcanite in My Forge to upgrade with XP and LAVA

Leveling up a Vulcanite’s stats also unlocks new features such as these animated cards.


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