VulcanVerse Stores: Sell your own assets

The technical specifications and procedure needed to sell assets for VulcanVerse

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3 min readApr 21, 2021

A virtual world wouldn’t be complete without third parties or community members being able to create and sell their own assets. Here we look at the technical specifications required and the process involved. If you find a good niche or become a popular creator, you could earn simply by building and selling these assets.

First, let’s look at the basic requirements:

  • Your assets must be validated by the VulcanVerse team before they can be sold
  • Your assets must fit the lore, quadrant, and level of VulcanVerse that you choose.
  • Your assets must fit the technical specifications
  • Your assets cannot include NSFW content, advertising, VulcanVerse or Vulcan Forged branding, or carry lore irrelevance.
  • Your assets are building props only, and serve no in-game function.
  • Your assets will be NFTs and fit into only 4 brackets: Common (1000 NFTs), Rare (500 NFTs), Epic (200 NFTs), Legendary (50 NFTs).
  • You can choose the starting price and rarity of these assets.

The Process

  1. Before choosing to be a VulcanVerse asset store, we advise you to share your work and designs with the team and community, to make sure work is not wasted when it comes to building the final models.
  2. If your concept is approved, you can then build it, we suggest using Blender, an easy 3D tool compared with others.
  3. You will then be charged a one-time fee paid in PYR for the team to rig your asset, texture it, and render it usable in-game in the building system.
  4. You will then choose the rarity of the asset, and the Vulcan Forged team will mint the required amount to your address.
  5. You’re then free to sell and advertise as you like in the Vulcan Forged marketplace.

Technical Specifications

  • Models should not overextend the10k polygons limit
  • Textures can use Diffuse, Normal map, Ambient Occlusion, Metal, Roughness, and Opaque.
  • The size of the textures should not be more than 2048x2048. Atlas textures can be useful as well if you want to combine many small models into one texture.
  • The format should be .fbx file.
  • Use centimeters as a scale.
  • Join the Builders channel in our Discord to learn more from our developers.


This world is quickly expanding, with lots of information to be processed, here are some links to help you along your journey

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